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Mould Hardness Tester

Green Hardness Tester "B" Scale

It is used to determine surface hardness of Green Sand Mould and it Meets AFS (American Foundry Society) standards. 
It works on principle base on Brinell Hardness Testing machine. The Hardness test can be made in seconds. User simply presses the tester against the mold surface and notes reading on the dial. Excessive pressure will not alter the reading.
A 1/2 “(12.7 mm) radius ball contact point is loaded with a spring pressure of 9.604 N. The softer the mold surface, the greater the penetration into the mold.
A mold offering no resistance to the contact point would have a zero reading and one having hardness capable of preventing penetration would read 100.
Operates in any position. A maximum reading stop holds the reading when testing in blind portions of the mold.


Standards AFS (American Foundry Society)
Indication range 0 100 Div. (360 degree dial scale)
Accuracy ± 1 Div.
Minimum Indication 1 Div
Indenter Design (mm) Hemispheric Radius - ½ " (12.7 mm)
Indenter Image 
Spring Forces (N) 9.604 N
Pressure foot Dimension (mm) Ø 28 mm.
Approx. Outer Dimension (mm)(LxWxH)                                                                             60 x  33 x 110
Weight (g) 230 g
Application To find out the Mould hardness of the Sand Mould prepared by any method e.g.: Hand molding, Jolt Squeeze molding etc.


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